Thursday, September 5, 2013

Whistle While You Work

Recently I have been tweeking my website with some addtional information at each product's lisitng. It is not work that is readily and easily noticed. However, when updating each product, it takes time. It is the kind of work that isn't "billable" like selling a set of coasters or a trivet but is just the nature of having a shopping cart/website. Hopefully by week's end I'll have that completed.

Today though, I am working a big order. A customer ordered 16 sets of monogram coasters. I have gotten it started but am taking a break to give my back a rest for a few minutes. While I work on my coasters and trivets, I usually listen to inspirational TV or radio or some music on my ipod. This keeps me, well, inspired and gives my mind a good place to go while working. It would be easy to get lonely while working alone but I feel I am not when I listen to my "friends" while they are at work.

I also have sent an email requesting information on an upcoming craft show. I hope to hear back soon so I can decide if it's something I am able to do. When I am at craft shows I love meeting all the people coming through, whether they actually buy anything or not. We (my dh and dd help me) have met some really interesting people along the way. There are some who are regular craft show attenders and it is good to see their faces again.

The fall craft season down here in south Louisiana is about to get cranked up again. For those who attend as vendors, it is time to get busy making crafts to take to the shows. So after I get this big order out, I'll be cranking up my studio making custom coasters and trivets to take to shows. I already have about half of what I want to take in coasters. And as some of you know from doing crafts yourself, I cannot wait till the day before the show to finish making them. I still have to allow time to pack everything in my vehicle.

This fall will present me a challenge for the shows that have 1000's come through. I will double what I normally bring so I can have an adequate amount to last the day .... I hope! LOL

Well, it's time to get back to work.

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