Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer School

Happy Friday!

I hope you are finding your summer is joyful and not too hot.  Down here in south Louisiana we have hot summers and always look for ways to cool off ... swimming pool, sprinkler, a cold drink, a snowball, and the ever-present air conditioner!   We look for ways to find joy and that usually that revolves around food, festivals or a combination of the two.

One way I am staying cool is indoors in the A/C and I am find some joy by working on my craft or taking a class related to my craft.  The company I get my chalk paint from has started offering classes on using their products.  I have taken two now and they have been very helpful.  I suppose this is my form of summer school ... but it's the good kind!

We have done some chalk painting 101 type classes for the first month.  We worked on a frame in the first class and on brass candlesticks and glass jars (or bottles) in the second class.  I am very excited about how my pieces have turned out.  Unfortunately I did not have a brass candlestick but I do have a frame and a wine bottle to play show and tell with.  Do you remember having show and tell in school or maybe scouts?  I do and I remember bringing stuff to show that I was excited about, whether anyone else was excited or like it.

Here are the photos of my pieces, first the wine bottle.  Actually I picked up this (empty) bottle at a shop purposely to upcycle and "pretty up."  I used chalk paint, Seaside, and brown aging wax for character from The Plaster Paint Company, which was included in the package of supplies for the class.  I finished my piece with some liquid matte wax and a light buffing.  I love, love, love how this turned out.  I am including a close up to show the details from distressing it.  The raffia gives this bottle a touch of whimsy.  You will be able to find this in my shop very soon.

My next piece to share is the frame.  The gold frame came with the supplies for the class.  It had a very formal feel to it.  I painted it with Sweet Cream and did some distressing with two different distressing tool, then used aging wax to add some character.  You will see there is gold peeking through where it was distressed.  This frame .... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  I am not sure I will be able to let go of this piece!  LOL  There are some pieces I just have to hang on to and this may end up being one of them.  I have included a close up for you to appreciate the details of this frame.  The back is fully finished and ready to show off a photo on a table, desk, shelf or hanging on the wall.

I am enjoying the classes so much.  All those who take them get to do so in the privacy of their home or workshop.  I don't worry about weather my pieces look like everyone else's pieces.  Although we are using the same paint, wax, tools and techniques, we each have our own way of apply, our own amount of pressure when distressing (light or heavy), and our own style.

The products in the package are worth way more than the $19.95/month that I pay for the class.  It's like I paid for the class and got the supplies for free.  The classes are great if you live too far from a Plaster Paint store to take a class in person, or if your schedule or having small children keeps you from going.  The classes are done using Facebook Live in a private group set up just for those who subscribe.

If you are interested in signing up, just hop on over to and click on Plaster Paint Live at the top.

If you have any questions you want to ask me about my experience with the classes, just include them in the comments below or PM me on Facebook at Cynthia Welch Designs.

I did not receive any compensation in any form for this post about Plaster Paint Live classes, nor for recommending their products or services.

Hoping you have a happy June!