Monday, February 15, 2021

Burrrrrr.  Can you see me sitting here next to my little space heater?  I run my split system in my shop all the time, a/c or heat, depending on the weather.  Right now it’s still chilly here in my shop, about 62º. (It did rise a bit while I was typing this.)


I live in coastal Louisiana and we are experiencing winter like we have not experienced in at least 3-4 years.  Normally our winters are very mild, and January’s highs are in the 60’s.  We woke up to the 30’s and the temp will drop into the 20’s and if we are very unfortunate, into the teens.  It is raining and we have some wind, gusting at times.  So yeah, we are getting some precip of the frozen variety, probably just sleet though considering how far south we are.


The good part is with the weather cast we have in today’s times we were able to be prepared.  Oh, a few weeks ago we had a generator installed and this may be the first “real life” test it gets.  We are blessed to have it and hope we do not need it the next couple of days.


Anyway, since I work from home the weather is no excuse to keep from working.  Many of you have been forced to work from home due to covid issues.  Surely, you’ve had to work at home from time to time due to weather too.  How do you make it fun and enjoyable to work at home?


I was going to run up to the local hardware store up the street about a ½ mile from home.  Wanted to go get some stain for a project.  Before I jumped in my vehicle, dh volunteered to drive me up there so that made me happy.  We got back home quickly, and he proceeded to leave for work at our storefront.  (This business is totally unrelated to my vintage business.)  We are working a skeleton crew there as long as the weather will allow.


I am planning a gumbo type dish for supper, it’s called gumbalaya.  It is a low carb dish.  Let me know if the link works for you ….  I am using cut up chicken breasts and sausage.  Will use thighs and shrimp another day.

Click here for gumbalaya recipe.

Today I am working on a headboard for a headboard bench.  I sanded what I could yesterday with our orbital sander and used liquid sand on the rest.  I just decided to bring the headboard from dh’s shop to mine.  {{{ Dh’s shop is not climate controlled and it’s not possible to prime or paint out there today even with a propane heater going.  Even my split system and a small portable heater are having trouble keeping up.  In fact, the temp dropped in my shop this morning from topping out in the mid-60s to a flat 60º.  I brought dh’s small electric portable heater from his man cave to my shop and it’s helping. }}}


I’ll let the vintage headboard acclimate to the temp in my shop and get to work on it.  I must prime it, at least 2 coats.  Then I’ll paint it out.  The prime/paint stage will probably take 2 days due to dry time.


I’m posting pics of it now so you can see where it’s starting.  The first photo is the front side and the second photo is the back side.  I’ll be posting pics of the headboard bench so you can enjoy the finished project.  Keep an eye out for it!

Have a happy day and stay in touch!