Friday, May 26, 2017

Good Vibrations!

Good Friday morning everyone!  I am doing the happy dance because it's Friday.  I don't know what it is but Friday just seems so freeing!  LOL  Remember the oldie but goodie song, Good Vibrations?  That is my mood today.  I have always loved Saturday too because it seems like "play day" even in adulthood.  What is your favorite day of the week?  You can respond in the comments below.

I am going to a celebration this evening .... a wedding.  Those are always fun.  Tomorrow I am going to do some fun stuff with my craft work ... get some photos going and get some new stuff shown here.

Something new I want to share with you is about a service I provide now.   I have been chalk painting what I call "littles" for a while.  Littles are things like candle holders, vases, bottles, bowls, and so on.  Just about anything that can sit atop a table, shelf, entertainment center, and so on.  These are pieces I have picked up in various places to repurpose, upcycle, and reinvent.  I am still doing that but ....

Now I am offering to paint YOUR littles that need a new life.  Possibly the color is outdated but the shape and form are perfect.  This is the perfect candidate for chalk painting.  If you have some decorative pieces that need to be brought into the 21st century, I can help with that.
So how does that work?  First we'd meet and I'd look over the piece(s) you want painted.  (This could first be done with photos by email.)  The first time we meet in person, I'll take some photos, make some notes.  Then I'll go back to the studio to formulate a quote.  Quotes for potential work are always free.  The quote will include all supplies, paint, wax and labor.  I will also give you an estimate on how long the work will take.  Once you receive the quote you would have 2 weeks to get back with me about whether you want to continue and have me do the work.
Before any work begins, a 50% deposit is required.  This enables me to buy the supplies, paint, wax, etc., that are needed.  Once I receive the deposit I'll begin working on your piece(s).

When your pieces are done, I'll let you know.  The deposit that you paid for work to begin is applied to the total.  You'll pay the balance when you pick up your items.

Littles that are used for serving food or beverages are not eligible for painting due to it coming into contact with food or beverages.  It would be a safety hazard to paint it then use it for food or beverage service.

I am also available for painting your furniture.  All of the above applies.  I would look at the furniture in question, get photos, give a free estimate and you'd have 2 weeks to let me know if you want to proceed.

All prices for painting are dependent on the size of the piece and the work required to paint and wax it, plus any distressing or other details you desire.

If you have questions or pieces you want me to look at, there is no obligation.  Call me at 985-381-3154 or PM me on Facebook at Cynthia Welch Designs.

Much love and good vibrations for beautiful Memorial Day weekend,