Sunday, September 29, 2013

Window Dressing & Events

Hello on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. This day has been awesome. It all started with a pancake breakfast cooked by dh, followed by awesome worship at church. The dd had a Subway gift card she wanted to use up so she sprung for lunch. Dh and dd have spent the last couple of hours bonding over hand guns at a friends home! LOL Well, the pastor did talk about building memories, he just didn't say how, though I think he'd approve!!

So what I have been doing while they are gone having fun? I have been adding items to my shop, adding products to dress the windows. I made about 8 or 9 trivets last weekend and now I have them posted to my site and hope you'll take a look around. Here are a few for you to look at. The first one is "Bella". Of course, yours will come personalized with your monogram all at no extra charge to you.

This trivet is "Happy" and has such a free spirited design.

This trivet is Vintage Possibilities. Sentiment reads: Every possiblity begins with the courage to imagine.

Now, on to some upcoming events. I have posted my upcoming craft shows to my facebook page at Custom Coasters by Cindy. I will be posting my schedule here today so you can check back later to see it. You may want to sign up for RSS so you can get my posts with ease and stay up to day.

Toodles for now,

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cleaning My Studio?

It has been a week today since I last posted. A lot has happened since then, most of it pretty tedious and boring. However, one thing is that dd and I got home Sunday from a little excursion. We went to The Cropper's Cottage in New Iberia, La. It is a neat little hang out for scrapbookers and crafters in general. The Cottage, as I usually refer to it, is quite comfortable and homey. Yet the owner, Franny, offers lots in the way of crafting tools. She has it all well organized and plenty of space to work. It is enough to make any crafter jealous! LOL

So, when I am getting ready to leave for a trip like this, or coming home and unpacking, I have this love hate relationship with my studio. It is quite an awesome space ... I mean plenty of space. The issue is that all the supplies for scrapbooking and making coasters can get quite out of hand, and rather quickly. I have bettered my situation by getting some built in storage. It gives me a place to store most of my stuff with out it having to be stored on the dining room table, under a side table in the dining room, in a closet in the den and scattered about my studio. Usually it takes me a week or two to get things back in some sort of order after my crafting trips. However, this last trip, it only took a couple of days. I'd say that is progress.

My problem with started on a clean up in my studio is letting it get to the point where I am overwhelmed. I don't know where to start or what to clear off first I have a place to put things. Ever felt that way? I am trying to learn that I just have to start somewhere. This evening I was going through some of my favorites and came across a website, Crafts Report. I ventured into reading an article and thought ... this lady has been in my studio and is reading my mind!! LOL Here is a link to the article and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, especially if you've ever dealt with a black hole .... Cleaning My Studio by Luann Udell.

I hope when I have to pack again for a trip, that I am better organized and can get on the road quickly. But we all know the best part of trips is coming home again. :)

Happy crafting.

Toodles for now,

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Update

Yesterday I posted some photos of coasters I posted to my website. Yesterday, all told, I posted over 30 designs to my site in several categories. I hope you enjoy looking at them and maybe want to purchase some for yourself or for gifts. Here are just three of the coaster designs I posted yesterday.

My daughter and I are enjoying a little time away for a couple of days while hubby holds down the fort at home. Not sure how much crafting she's actually doing and all I've done is get caught up on posting stuff to my website! Today I hope to get some trivet designs done. I am seriously needing some inspiration. What do you do to get inspired? Leave your best ideas in the comment section!

Toodles for now,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

From the Work Table: Thursday

Hello everyone! I have spent this afternoon trying to get caught up on uploading some coasters to my website. It is not hard work, just tedious work. Adding new items is exciting though because it give everyone more to look at and to choose from when purchasing. I will show you some of the things I posted to my website but look for more news below.

I have also posted new items to the following categories: wedding, religious, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, sports, and travel. Here is a link to my website for easy navigation .... I am still trying to learn this blog thing and am not sure how to make that a hot link. I am sorry but you'll have to copy and paste it.

Now for the big news. I have changed prices on my website. Before you go to grumbling, the prices have not really changed. The posted prices now include shipping. You can look at your shopping cart and know exactly what your costs will be. No need to try to figure out the extra costs of shipping. Actual costs are the same either the old way or the new. This way is just easier for YOU, our customer ... the most important person in the transaction. Please contact me if you have any questions about what is going on at or 985-381-3154.

Toddles for now,

Monday, September 16, 2013

From the Work Table: Monday

I hope this evening is finding you well. I started out slow today (too much antihistamine last night) but got busy later in the day and actually got several things designed and photographed. Today's designs are featured in this post. I hope you like them!

This first post is of an 8"x8" travertine trivet. It has a distressed finish with plenty of vintage charm. It has four rubber feet on the bottom. This trivet is eye pleasing and practical at the same time.

This next post is of a coaster set that can be for anyone. It will look good in a den, office, study, library or man cave. It features a compass on a script background with a distress finish. Each coaster has felt pads to protect your furniture. Coasters are 4"x4" and this one is shown in travertine. Also available in tumbled marble.

This next set of coasters reminds us to lean on the Lord for understanding and wisdom, featuring Proverbs 3:5-6 and a cross.

This next set features a teapot with a colored background this is mostly blue with a little beige. It is feminine and pretty, looking good in a dining room or a living room.

The last set of coasters featured from the work table this evening is another design that remindes us to trust in the Lord's understanding. It has a colored background giving it a unique finish.

As with any product that starts with stone, no 2 stones are exactly alike. The designs are all done by hand, not a machine. Please expect variations in the stone, color, and design. It is not a manufacturer's defect when this occurs.

I will be adding these desigsn to my website this week. I hope you'll stop by my website at to see all my work. Have a blessed week.

Toodles for now,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

From the Work Table

Hi Everyone,

I have decided that I am going to make a regular posting of creations "From the Work Table". I'll highlight what's been made since my last post "From the Work Table." I am not sure how often this will be posted but at least once a week. Each posting will have a mixture of coasters and trivets.

Today I am posting a new monogram coaster set I did. A customer who orders regularly called yesterday and wanted an R monogram. I just love this font and I hope you like it as well. It is actually the same font that I've used for all the other monograms I've posted, just a new letter. By next week I hope to post some monograms with a different font because I know not everyone likes the same thing. However, this is a pretty classic font to use for a monogram, don't you think? BTW, this is done on travertine.

I also delivered a sample of the following coaster. This is a custom design for a young lady who is getting married. The last name can be customized for you or your recipent too. It the place of Mr. and Mrs. ____ I can do a monogram. This design is done on tumbled marble. These make awesome wedding favors, gifts for the wedding party, or the happy couple.

This last set is purely fun. It is a touch of whimsy in a world that has a lot of seriousness going on right now. Why not have fun and order a set now to remind you to have a little fun in life? This is shown on travertine.

Almost all designs can be done on either marble or travertine. To place an order, go to my website at

I hope you have a good Thursay evening and take time to do something fun and creative as a stress reliever. I think we all need it, don't you?

Toodles for now,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gettin' and Givin'

This afternoon I have been doing a little creating in my studio. It is time to get serious about the craft shows I'll be in, which will be upon me more quickly than I realize! LOL That is part of "gettin'", as in I am getting ready. I figure if I design 2-3 things a day I'll be ready for the show in time. Of course, from time to time there will be a day I simply cannot be "gettin'" ready 'cause life will get in the way.

Speaking of gettin' ready, I have gotten a new tent for shows. It is sturdier than the one I have been using. This tent will hold up better in the event of simply a windy day or in the event of inclement weather. Most shows go on rain or shine so this is important! It is also a true 10'x10' tent--it's poles go straight up instead of tilting in a little. I lose some space with the design of the old one since the poles are completely straight and vertical.

Okay, do you want to see what i am featuring today from my work table? Oh, you do? Okay, here is the first set of coasters. (Oh, by the way, both sets are shown in travertine.) This makes an awesome gift the person, in particular the man, who has everything. I can customize the colors to your preference, or that of the recipient. Truly this can go in a study, office, man cave, or living room. This is a gettin' or a givin' thing, depending on who you are ... get it as a gift or give it as a gift. {vbg}

The next set of coasters will help get you in the mood for Christmas. They feature Santa front and center. The edges of two of the coasters are burnished in red, the other two are burnished in green ... two tradtional seasonal colors. If you want to make all four burnished in the same color or want to change Santa's colors, let me know before ordering. This set can go out the day after Thanksgiving, giving you at least a month of use from them. These are so nice you'll want to give a set as an early Christmas gift.

If you have any special requests for the coming craft show season, or the holidays, please let me know. I will do my best to fulfill your request.

Keep coming back to see what I am working on. My goal is to post photos and update you on what is going on at least three times a week.

Toodles for now,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

You know I really dislike when stores have Christmas stuff for sale at 4th of July. I feel it's still early for all that so I must ask forgiveness for what I am posting today. Please forgive me for what I am about to do.

I officially getting ready for some fall craft shows and what do people want to buy at fall craft shows? Stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today I made a coordinating trivet ...

and coaster set ....

You can purchase them together or separately. The colors may be personalized as well. Please contact me before ordering if you want to change the colors.

Toodles for now,

Friday, September 6, 2013

All In A Day's Work, Part II

A locally owned, family run business has ordered mongammed coasters from me over the last several months. When I delivered an order to them this morning I found out that the monograms are a big hit. When their customers find out they are locally made they are even more excited. So, there you go. Crafts that are locally made by a local person buying as many supplies as possible from locally owned, family stores. As few purchases as possible from big, box stores for supplies.

I found out today that the business that ordered the monogrammed coasters also wants a sample of a wedding coaster to have on hand. This will allow their clientele to custom order it with their name on it or it can be added to their wedding registry as a potential gift. Yeah! I am so excited. These coasters can be used as a wedding gift for the special couple, wedding favors for guests, gifts for the wedding party, etc. Orders for a large quantity require 4-6 weeks advance notice. It will be personalized with your choice of "Mr. & Mrs. ___" or your monogram. The wedding date can be added to the front or the back of the coasters if room allows. 50% deposit required for large orders.

Here is a photo of a wedding coaster that can be customized with your new married name. Most names will fit. This design is done on tumbled marble in stone gray. The top edge is slightly burnished in the same color.

For a personal consultation and a free quote for a large quantity, please call 985-381-3154 to set up an appointment.

Toodles for now,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

All In A Day's Work

I have completed my big order! Yeah! Then I did something that I usually procrastinate on ... cleared my work surface! Now, I didn't say everything got put back orderly. However, I can now look at my work surface and see a clear space, which totally motivates me to get back to work. Well, after a little break.

I want to try to upload pics here and show you my space. The first pic is a vertical pic of my work/space ....

This pic is another view of my work space with a little of my latest work showing.

This last photo is of my work space.  On the left, I am not sure if you can see it, but I have a photo of my mom, who is my inspiration.  Her name was Peggy and she was an artist in her own right.  I want to honor her with my work.

Here are the coasters I made today.  They all have a watermark background of script in dove gray.  The rest is done in black but almost any color is available to customize it to your decor.  All letters of the alphabet are available.  These are just the ones I did today for an order.

Toodles for today,

Whistle While You Work

Recently I have been tweeking my website with some addtional information at each product's lisitng. It is not work that is readily and easily noticed. However, when updating each product, it takes time. It is the kind of work that isn't "billable" like selling a set of coasters or a trivet but is just the nature of having a shopping cart/website. Hopefully by week's end I'll have that completed.

Today though, I am working a big order. A customer ordered 16 sets of monogram coasters. I have gotten it started but am taking a break to give my back a rest for a few minutes. While I work on my coasters and trivets, I usually listen to inspirational TV or radio or some music on my ipod. This keeps me, well, inspired and gives my mind a good place to go while working. It would be easy to get lonely while working alone but I feel I am not when I listen to my "friends" while they are at work.

I also have sent an email requesting information on an upcoming craft show. I hope to hear back soon so I can decide if it's something I am able to do. When I am at craft shows I love meeting all the people coming through, whether they actually buy anything or not. We (my dh and dd help me) have met some really interesting people along the way. There are some who are regular craft show attenders and it is good to see their faces again.

The fall craft season down here in south Louisiana is about to get cranked up again. For those who attend as vendors, it is time to get busy making crafts to take to the shows. So after I get this big order out, I'll be cranking up my studio making custom coasters and trivets to take to shows. I already have about half of what I want to take in coasters. And as some of you know from doing crafts yourself, I cannot wait till the day before the show to finish making them. I still have to allow time to pack everything in my vehicle.

This fall will present me a challenge for the shows that have 1000's come through. I will double what I normally bring so I can have an adequate amount to last the day .... I hope! LOL

Well, it's time to get back to work.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Drawing Winner!

I am pleased to announce the August drawing winner. Drumroll please .... And our winner is --Karla of North Manchester, IN! Congratulations! Kayla will receive a set of four (4) coasters with her monogram on it.