Monday, September 16, 2013

From the Work Table: Monday

I hope this evening is finding you well. I started out slow today (too much antihistamine last night) but got busy later in the day and actually got several things designed and photographed. Today's designs are featured in this post. I hope you like them!

This first post is of an 8"x8" travertine trivet. It has a distressed finish with plenty of vintage charm. It has four rubber feet on the bottom. This trivet is eye pleasing and practical at the same time.

This next post is of a coaster set that can be for anyone. It will look good in a den, office, study, library or man cave. It features a compass on a script background with a distress finish. Each coaster has felt pads to protect your furniture. Coasters are 4"x4" and this one is shown in travertine. Also available in tumbled marble.

This next set of coasters reminds us to lean on the Lord for understanding and wisdom, featuring Proverbs 3:5-6 and a cross.

This next set features a teapot with a colored background this is mostly blue with a little beige. It is feminine and pretty, looking good in a dining room or a living room.

The last set of coasters featured from the work table this evening is another design that remindes us to trust in the Lord's understanding. It has a colored background giving it a unique finish.

As with any product that starts with stone, no 2 stones are exactly alike. The designs are all done by hand, not a machine. Please expect variations in the stone, color, and design. It is not a manufacturer's defect when this occurs.

I will be adding these desigsn to my website this week. I hope you'll stop by my website at to see all my work. Have a blessed week.

Toodles for now,

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