Saturday, April 16, 2016

Easy Like Saturday Morning

Good Saturday Morning!

I hope this day finds you doing well.  Yes, I am thinking about 'Easy Like a Sunday Morning' as I write this!  LOL

As I sit here I can hear neighbors mowing the lawn.  When I was outside earlier I actually saw them mowing.  Others were out taking a walk, driving here or there, and dh is tinkering with his ’77 Monte Carlo.  A friend is supposed to come over and help dh with some work here at the house.  Oh, and I actually slept past 6:00 AM this morning!  LOL  It is the kind of Saturday I dream about.

I am have only crafting on my brain this morning.  I do have some things to do that are not actual crafting but are craft business related.  I need to put my Studio A back together after last weekend’s craft show.  It has looked worse that it does now but I just can’t get into creating when it looks the way it does.  But, this ‘putting back together’ means I need to get some craft related stuff out of the living/dining room too.

I am a fan of working with a timer when something feels overwhelming.  So, guess what will be my friend this morning?  My handy, dandy digital timer.  I’ll set it for 15 or 20 minutes.  When the timer goes off I can choose to take a short break, monitored by the timer, of course, so I don’t get too distracted.  LOL  Then it’s back to work till I feel it’s all done.

Oh, I after getting Studio A done, I need to work in Studio B.  Oh, let me explain.  Studio A is in an extra bedroom.  It is where I first set up when we moved to this house.  I have a beautiful wood desk, built-in shelving, a work table, a buffet for more storage/work surface, a glider rocker for relaxation and my TV with a TiVo.  Studio B is actually our enclosed patio.  It is where we have room for dh to work on his hubcap clocks or any other manly craft he wants to work on.  It has a pretty (but not too feminine) set of metal shelves from Hobby Lobby for storing things like paint, plaster, brushes, and other things we need for painting and distressing things.  We have 2 walls of windows so we get plenty of light in there.  In this space we get to work on stuff that I don’t feel comfortable doing inside.  The downside is that we have to share the space with the geriatric cat.  L

So after getting some cleaning up done I will work on some crafts.  I have 2 or 3 orders for coasters or trivets to get ready for delivery or the Post Office on Monday.  I need to go over some trivets with some grout and let them start drying.  Also I want to get my hands dirty with some mixed media, painting out some wooden things or glassware.

I will be posting photos on my Facebook business page when I get some crafting done so check it out there.  I have facebook for my travertine work at and this page is available to anyone.

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God Bless,