Saturday, July 18, 2020

Let’s Talk Silver and Silver Plate

Let’s Talk Silver and Silver Plate

First let me say I am not an expert, just a silver-plate collector.  I love looking for silver-plated pieces that have that beautiful patina.  The more patina the better in my book!  LOL  I wanted to have this discussion here, because for one thing, because it's a little longer than I usually make a post to my Facebook page.  Also, it has been a long time since I posted here, last summer!

There is a difference between silver and silver-plate.  One more has more value than the other.  Do you know which one has more value?  There are simple ways to tell the difference between the two also.  You can learn more here at this link:

Today I want to focus on how we can use silver plated items in our home.  I will include some visual ideas also in the form of photos and links.

So, what can we do with silver plated items?  There are a lot of ways to use it.  Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is using trays, bowls and flatware as serving pieces for family occasions and holidays.  However, it’s not limited to special occasions.

I have included 3 photos of how I use some silver-plated trays in my home.  In all three photos you will see I use the trays to anchor a vignette.  I have left the patina on each tray.  It is my opinion and preference that the patina adds more character to silver-plated pieces.  No two pieces will tarnish in exactly the same way.  Did you know there is a way to take a shiny piece of silver-plate and accelerate the tarnishing process?  YES!  Here are a couple of videos to show you how.

One photo is from my den where we use a trunk as a coffee table.  I love how the old trunk and the patina-bearing silver-plate is an amazing mix of textures and finishes.  It holds a painted metal cross, a compass and a candle.

Another photo is from my den.  The tray sits atop a wood cabinet that is painted dark.  I love the look of the painted wood and the silver-plated tray that is full of patina.  The tray holds a few things that add some texture and memories.  It holds a bag of cotton, a sea shell hand painted by a friend, a photo holder, and a decoupaged clay pot with a votive in it.

The last photo is from our living room and features a vintage wood side table that holds another silver-plated tray.  This tray holds a photo of our daughter from a few years ago, a genuine delft piece and a travertine coaster I made a few years ago.

You can group anything together on your trays.  If you use things you love and that hold good memories, it is certain to look good.  Decorating this way does not take an interior decorator’s degree.

You can take other pieces besides trays and do similar things.  I have a 4-tiered silver-plated display and storage piece that I will be using in my booth.  I will use it to display my dish scrubbies that are for sale.  In your home you could use a piece like this to display dish towels in your kitchen, soaps, and other grooming goodies in your bathroom, etc.

If you already are using silver-plated pieces in your home, post a photo and/or a comment to share your ideas with us.  I would love to see how you’re using it.

I have some silver-plated trays and a child’s cup in my booth at Joe’s Boots of Houma.  You may view them anytime during normal store hours.  I also have some pitchers and another child’s cup in my workshop, The Barn.  If you are interested in seeing the pitchers or the other cup, let me know.  You can text me at 985-381-3154 or DM me on Facebook at Cynthia Welch Designs (see link below).

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