Saturday, August 17, 2013

This 'n That

Hello to all those in cyber/craft world! I hope you’re having a crafty kind of day wherever you are. If you have been over to my facebook page today you know I issued myself a challenge earlier today. Whenever I issue myself a challenge I do try to make it big enough to seem a nearly impossible to complete so it feels like a true challenge. Don’t you dislike it when people posts or voice challenges and they really aren’t much of a challenge?

Today my challenge is to create 4 sets of coasters and 4 trivets. By the way, when I do a challenge like this none of the coasters can be a duplicate of something else I’ve made that day or ever before. Same goes for the trivets. They have to be totally new designs.

So far today I’ve created 4 sets of coasters and one complete trivet. I had started a trivet the other day but didn’t finish it till today. I am not counting that one in the challenge because it seems a little like cheating to me since it was already started. One of the coaster sets and the trivet I did from scratch today are a coordinating set.

I wish I could post pics but, alas, my charger for my camera battery is missing. We are going to have to purchase a new one so I can charge the battery! I know once it comes in we will find the old one. That is how my luck runs. Anyway, you will have to trust me when I say I have completed the challenge for the coasters and have 3 to go on the trivets.

I was thinking earlier how dirty my hands get when I create designs, especially if I am doing a background color on the coasters and trivets. It seems until the last few years I didn’t like getting my hands dirty. Now I don’t mind at all. It is just a sign of getting creative now. Not that long ago I apologized to someone for my dirty hands when we ran into each other. She no, that is just a sign that you are an artist. Oh, did that give me a wake up call. I don’t always feel like an “artist”. I just feel like someone who is creating a few things I like and still wonder if anyone else likes it.

It’s about time I try to get another piece done, especially since I can’t get pics done and upload them for you to see. That part will have to wait a few days.

Toodles for today,

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