Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hi Everyone!

I am very excited and pumped because I have a huge announcement! Yes, it big to me and hopefully you will be excited too.

Yessterday I received a rather plain looking envelope in the mail and it felt a little "thick." I first noticed the handwriting where the addressee is written looked a little sloppy. Immediately I thought, whoever wrote that could have been a little more careful with their handwriting. :( Then I looked at the top left corner to see who had sent it. The name at the top was Terrebonne Historical and Cultural Society.

Do you know yet who sent this by the name? At first it didn't sink in my mind. So I flipped it over to open it and began thinking. I began to wonder if it was about my app to get into Southdown Marketplace in the fall. And then I thought, it's about that and it's a rejection letter, it would not be this thick! I suddenly got excited and nervous! All this is happening in just a few seconds as I tear open the envelope.

I pulled out the folded stack of papers, yes plural. No rejection letter! I got accepted to Southdown Marketplace for November! Yeah! I even have a booth number assigned, number 55. Then I realized the sloppy handwriting was MINE when I included aelf-addressed stamped envelope. LOL

Southdown Marketplace, for those who do not know, is held twice a year and is fundraiser for Southdown Museum in Houma, Louisiana. Hundreds of vendors pack it in at Southdown selling their arts and crafts. The approaching marketplace will be Saturday, November 2, 2013. Hours for the show are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Here is a link for Southdown Marketplace .... http://www.southdownmuseum.org/marketplace. I hope you'll attend and check out all the vendors, have some lunch and meet a new friends.

If you live out of town and will be here for that day only, you can pre-order coasters or trivets and I'll have it waiting for you. Please contact me at 985-381-3154 or customcoastersbycindy@comcast.net to place your order.

Many blessings,

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