Friday, November 1, 2013

Southdown Countdown

It is the fall 2013 Southdown Marketplace eve. I must admit I am feeling a mixture of emotions ....
❦ excited to attend the first time as a vendor
❦ nervous that I won’t have enough stuff and sell out early. Hey that could be a good problem I guess.
❦ nervous I will have too much stuff. Hey, at least I’ll be ahead on my stock for Thibodeauville.

Dh and I have talked about a goal of what we’d like to sell tomorrow. It will be a bang up day if we do sell this particular amount and it’s our ‘bang up’ goal. I have also set a ‘fall out and faint’ goal. I will post more on those goals after show. Let’s just say that the ‘bang up’ goal will be bigger than any single day we’ve had thus far.

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We saw a lot of activity out at Southdown when we went over to get a head start on setting up. There was lots of activity and even met a couple down the way from us who were setting up their booth. It was mesmerizing to me ... I wanted to just stop and watch all the people setting up around us ... It is fun, and can be funny, to people watch, watch their actions and reactions, decision making process, and working on getting things ‘just right.’ I am sure we looked funny too, to those around us at our first set up ever for Southdown.

(Taken at Grace Lutheran, Houma, LA)

We got our tent set up this afternoon and the weather was gorgeous while we were there doing it. We also got our walls up and got the tables up. It seems we spent way too much time figuring and re-figuring how they ought to be arranged. Oh, and our sign is up as well. We’ll be back over there birght and early tomorrow to finish the set up and will be ready to greet our friends–old and new– and meet some other vendors.

I hope you’ll come see what it’s all about. Look for us in booth number 55, near admission gate number 4 that allows entry from Hwy. 311.

Toodles for now,

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