Sunday, January 15, 2017

Things Are a'Changin'

Happy Sunday afternoon to everyone.  It’s been a while since I checked in here, but did not realize it had been so long!  Things have been a changin’!  Certainly, it’s a new year, it’s winter—at least it is on the calendar where I live, and in reality in much of the country.  All those who live in the Midwest experiencing winter store Jupiter, please stay safe!

I have also made some changes to my shop.  I started out with making coasters using tumbled travertine tiles and travertine trivets.  I still love doing those but I have found my thrill … on blueberry hill.  Well, not blueberry hill.  My thrill is painting with chalk paint!  I have ‘married’ that love of chalk  paint with upcycling and distressing found items, items I pick up at flea markets, thrift store, and resale shops …. OH. OH. OH.  Be still my heart.  Another LOVE is flea markets and thrift stores!  It seems more a popping up here where I live.

I am now making the circuit each week stopping in to look at their lovelies.  Well, some are lovelies in disguise.  I affectionately call them ugly ducklings.  I bring some of them home to help them in their process of turning into a beautiful swan.

To merit coming home with me, there are several qualifications.  One is that it must ‘call my name.’  It must be something that has enough unique, beautiful qualities such as texture, and something interesting about its shape and design.  Sometimes it’s a small glass bottle with interesting raised edges.  Sometimes it’s a vase with a beautiful shape.  Other times it’s a wooden bowl with a classic shape and interesting lines.

Of course, purchase price makes a difference.  I do have a little secret formula that I use to help figure out if I should get it.  Sometimes the price is a little more than I think I should pay but the piece is calling my name.  In this case, it is just a gut feeling and I HAVE to get it.

We have picked up items on the way home to see my dfil and have regretfully seen one of these little shops close.  It was one I got to stop in one time and bought two bottles.  They were pretty, matching textured glass bottles at an excellent price for the pair.  I looked forward to shopping there again on the way home from visiting him in north Louisiana.  Sadly, it was closed the next time we went through that area.

The changes in my shop include combining the two shops I had into one.  The new name reflects that I am diversifying to include other things besides coasters.  My new name is Cynthia Welch Designs and you can find me under that name at Etsy ( and at Instagram.  I also have a Facebook page by that name.  My business page has general information about what is going on.  My fan page ( is where I post specials for my Etsy shop and give aways that I run through my fan page.  Specials and give aways are not found anywhere else online.

Right now, it is kind of an off season for craft shows, at least in the area where I live.  It is time to start prepping for the spring shows.  This is the time of year I work on building stock for coasters, and now my painted, distressed, upcycled items.  I will be building my stock for a couple of months.  Of course I’ll list it on Etsy t00.  I plan on crafting almost every day to get ready.  If you have some inspirational quotes or photos, please share them in the comments!  {vbg}

If you live in the Houma, LA area and know of an estate sale, etc. that I should check out, please leave a comment or PM me through Facebook.  I love checking those out.

I will be doing 2 shows this spring.  One is a repeat for me, Market at the Mill in New Roads, LA.  I’ll also be doing Vintage Market Days in Brandon, MS.  I like the idea of indoor shows because it allows us to skip setting up a tent and it makes shopping easier for customers when the weather does not cooperate.

Market At the Mill--New Roads, LA

So for now I'll say so long.  Check back for updates to my blog.

Because of His love I live,

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