Monday, February 16, 2015

Pay It Forward

Happy Monday Evening to My Friends,

>> hum, um, walking around--dh in the den with me, piddling around
>> hum, beep, beep--dd in the kitchen, heating a snack in the microwave
>> the hum of clothes tumbling in the dryer

These are a few of the sounds of life at home.  Sounds that help me remember what is important to me … the little things, my husband, my daughter, a routine, a home to live in, and so much more.  My life as I know it is simple, and awesome and amazing at the same time.  I have family that loves me, a home that shelters me from the storms outside—real and imagined, trival and colossal, Mardi Gras or infuriatingly slow drivers on a normal day.  LOL  We have a refrigerator with food and beverages in it, vehicles that are gassed up, and clothes appropriate for our mild winters and summer days that feel as thick as gumbo.

What makes life awesome is that I get to do something I love …. My crafting.  I love getting my hands dirty and inked up with my solvent ink while making my coasters, trivets, and plaques.  It is as fun as can be.  Of course, the ink does not come off easily and I can look like a kid who has been playing with sharpies or magic markers!  <smile>

In the process of making and selling my wares is that I get to meet some amazing people.  Some I have met in person and some online.  Today I got some technical advice on photographing my products from a professional photographer/editor.  We have never met in person but met each other from a forum we are on for artists and crafters.  This phone consultation was free but worth the time to make the photos look better.  I am no “photographer” by any means.  When I have taken photos, they are merely pictures to remember events like vacation or people who are special to my family and me.  It amazes me that people currently willingly give time to help a newbie when they could easily charge an hourly rate.

Some say, “You get what you pay for.”  Others say, “Free is good”.  Sometimes you get more than you pay for and free is not only good but amazing!  Like in my case today when I got free advice that is not only good, but also amazingly helpful.  It is a good thing to live with open hands and share our wealth of information or talents that God has given us.  I do not mean open hands ready to take, take, take from others but to give back or pay it forward.  We are all given gifts to share with others as my friend did today.

God’s Word says:
The world of the generous gets larger and larger;
    the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.  Proverbs 11:24 (The Message)

This Proverb reminds me that I have things to share with others too.  If I want to remain open to what God wants me to do, I am to remain open to God and share the insights and talents God has blessed me with.  Now that I think about it, many people have invested in me and I have not always appreciated what they have done.  Sometimes I have glossed over their investment in me.  Other times I’ve dismissed their investment because I didn’t think I had time for them at the moment.  Sometimes I thought I knew it all already.  How sad on my part.

I have something coming up where I can bless someone and will use that situation to do so.  I don’t know who the end recipient will be got God does and that is all that matters.  It is one small step in paying it forward.

Now that Lent is upon us, what are some ways you can pay it forward?  Who can you help along your way?  Are you willing to start this new habit during Lent and then extend it beyond that 6-week period?

If you find a way to bless others and pay it forward I'd love to hear your story!

God bless,

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