Thursday, June 12, 2014

Scrumptious, Luscious, and Delicious

Don’t you just love it when something scrumptious comes your way? Oh, and I am not necessarily talking about food or beverage. I just love it when something very unexpected, but very luscious comes my way! Maybe you came across a “found” object that just pleased you to death whether it was an old tool such as an old oil can or a collectible household item such as a butter mold. Maybe you came across some old childhood drawings done with crayons or a pencil. Maybe you are an artist that found a new brand of paints or canvas that you just can’t get enough ... it is just too delicious!

The most recent happening like this is when I ordered some travertine tiles in a different color than I have been using. Ordinarily I order my tiles only in ivory. However, I had a hankerin’ to have more color in the background without having to add it as I have in the past. So I took a deep breath and ordered my usual tiles but in two different colors, scabos and picasso. Ivory is a great background for many designs and has worked quite well, but I was wanting “more”. I didn’t really know what I wanted, till I saw it!

Oh my goodness! Let me tell you something. I could just eat up the color. I was so excited when they arrived and told my hubby how I could just eat them up. He looked at me as if I had absolutely LOST MY MIND! LOL The colors in the tiles are so luscious, rich, warm and add some depth to the designs I never knew existed. Now I cannot get enough of using these colors.

I also had another experience recently that was a bonus. I grew up with a mom who was very creative but I didn’t know how creative till recently. She passed away in 2012 and the last 15-20 years of her life she created masterpieces on canvas, wood, and even cypress knees. Mom had a gift for painting with severl types of paint ... oil, acrylic and so on. She never took formal schooling at college for her work but took lessons from some local artists where she lived. I believe her talent was always there but came to surface at the perfect time ... she had time, resources to obtain what she needed for her artwork, and the kids had left home!!! Yeah! Do I hear an amen?!

Only when I began an art class recently did I realize how much work it took for her creativity. But it seems for my mom that it wasn’t really work, she had a gift and used it for her enjoyment. She never sought out recognition but lovingly displayed her works of art in her home. She did sell some of her crafts around Christmas but generally she created for herself and to share with friends and family.

Since I began handcrafting coasters and more in late 2012, I realize now why it was hard for mom to let go of her works. Investing the time, effort and creativity makes an artist begin to think of the artwork as his “baby”. Although duplicates can be made of many works of art, no two are exactly alike. They each have their own place in life for enjoyment.

Also, as I invest time with my fabulous friends and customers, I begin to think of them as my extended family as well. I love meeting each and every one of you. I love the process of trying to figure out how to create what you’re looking for in a handcrafted item for your home. Your home is important to you and I am honored to be able to craft something that, hopefully, will spend years there serving you well. I want each purchase to be the beginning of a relationship for years to come.

I hope to meet more of you in person at the Peach Festival in Ruston, Louisiana. It will be here before we know it. I will be at the indoor craft show on Saturday, June 28, in the Ruston Civic Center. For more information, please click here.

I want to close out by saying that building relationships with my customers, fellow crafters, other local business people and my friends and family is the most scrumptios, luscious, and delicious thing of all.

Much love,

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