Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crafting Good Time

Hello everyone! I wanted to report that we had a good day yesterday at Frisco Fest in Garyville, Louisiana! Saturday we were there for 8:15 and the show began at 9:00 AM. At the end of the day we left at 5:00 PM, all secured and ready for more work today. However, the rain we had last night was more than the property could take, at least for a craft show. It was a slosh pit! LOL

We found out when we returned this morning (Sunday) that for the first time since Frisco Fest began, it was a rain out today. We immediately began packing our stuff, fortunately nothing was damaged. It was all washable and many things just needed to be air dried. We were able to spread out everything and it will be good to go. Of course everything will be double checked for quality and make sure it is top notch before our next show.

It was our first time at Frisco Fest and we had an enjoyable Saturday there. Saturday seemed to have a slow start but things began to pick up around lunch. The weather cooperated wonderfully as well. We were overcast a good bit of the day which provided some welcome relief from the sun. The temperature was not too hot, not too cold.

Craft show season here in south Louisiana is cranking up, Frisco Fest being our 2nd so far this season. I am not sure about the rest of the country but not too many people plan craft shows here in the summer ... too much of the 3 H’s .... heat, humidity, hurricanes! LOL August and September are our most active hurricane months so we have to be aware of the added risk when planning events, or planning to attend events, during those months.

Last year we did about 8 or so craft shows. We have enjoyed them and have gotten down a system for packing/unpacking. There is quite a learning curve when beginning a new adventure, including working as a vendor at craft shows. We learned today, too, even though we have been doing this just over a year ... bring some “Pierre” boots. LOL That is what I call rubber knee boots, often called “shrimp” boots down here in south Louisiana. Often shrimp boots are white but, of course, being a girl I have to dress them up a bit. My Pierre boots have leopard spots. (I got mine at Joe’s Boots in Houma, in case you’re wondering. They have other designs as well.) We also decided we need slickers. We were blessed today that we packed during a lull in the rain. I am sure our time is coming where we have to pack in the rain ... we’ll be ready with our rain boots and slickers when Murphy’s rule comes to roost! LOL

I had some very nice neighbors at Friso Fest, Michael’s Pickles. They had some very good cranberry pepper jelly. It was very tasty. If you ever see them at a craft show or see their products at a grocery store, check them out on face book at Michael’s Pickles. Oh, they will be at Oak Alley in a couple of weeks!

We have 2, possibly 3 more craft shows we plan to attend this spring. We are looking forward to them and LOVE meeting our customers and fellow vendors. It is fun to work solo in my studio at my Creation Station but I am thankful to get out and do a crafter’s version of a meet and greet, craft shows! :)

I hope you’ll come out to our next craft show in a couple of weeks at Oak Alley. The great folks from Michael’s Pickles were telling me about their awesome experience there last fall and boasted about how it was a quality event. I hope to see you there!

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