Friday, September 6, 2013

All In A Day's Work, Part II

A locally owned, family run business has ordered mongammed coasters from me over the last several months. When I delivered an order to them this morning I found out that the monograms are a big hit. When their customers find out they are locally made they are even more excited. So, there you go. Crafts that are locally made by a local person buying as many supplies as possible from locally owned, family stores. As few purchases as possible from big, box stores for supplies.

I found out today that the business that ordered the monogrammed coasters also wants a sample of a wedding coaster to have on hand. This will allow their clientele to custom order it with their name on it or it can be added to their wedding registry as a potential gift. Yeah! I am so excited. These coasters can be used as a wedding gift for the special couple, wedding favors for guests, gifts for the wedding party, etc. Orders for a large quantity require 4-6 weeks advance notice. It will be personalized with your choice of "Mr. & Mrs. ___" or your monogram. The wedding date can be added to the front or the back of the coasters if room allows. 50% deposit required for large orders.

Here is a photo of a wedding coaster that can be customized with your new married name. Most names will fit. This design is done on tumbled marble in stone gray. The top edge is slightly burnished in the same color.

For a personal consultation and a free quote for a large quantity, please call 985-381-3154 to set up an appointment.

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