Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Happy Tuesday afternoon Peeps!  Do you know you are special to me?  YES ~ you are!  I appreciate everything you do to make this world a better place … a smile, the community service you do, your dedication to your job, your place in your family … it all adds up to someone pretty special doing special things!

I am writing a blog entry today due to some special big news that I want to share with you.  Oh, and to piggyback on my excitement over this news … I have disco music going on!  LOL Yes, I have some positive energy going on here and the disco music fits this afternoon!  LOL

As you know I have a booth at a business I own with my husband, Joe’s Boots of Houma.  It is my premier location in Houma.  A friend, and fellow vintage lover, Paulette of Delillah Jane Designs has some space in this booth as well.  We love this business, have been friends longer than we’ve been active in this business and will remain friends no matter what.

Before I ventured into having a permanent booth anywhere, dh and I did a lot of weekend shows.  We have done local, out of town and out of state shows.  We still have a love for those shows which include the franchise Vintage Market Days, Market at the Mill, etc.

Now we are venturing over to some new territory for us … having a booth in Thibodaux, Louisiana, while keeping our booth in Houma.  As of this morning I signed a contract to have a small booth in Lagniappe Shoppe now located at the icehouse in Thibodaux!  Yes!  Ashli of Lagniappe is investing in Thibodaux with this revitalization of the old icehouse on St. Patrick.

I have been over there a few times and the store is coming along quite nicely.  I love the vintage vibe from this building and the fact that it’s a landmark.  I believe you’ll love shopping there.  Last Saturday and this morning a friend and I got meet some others who will have booths there as well.

My booth will be near the entrance and will feature the things I love, and sometimes I love them so much it’s hard to part with them!  {very big grin} I will post pics of my booth with merchandise as I make progress. However, I am posting a pic of how my booth sits now.  It is empty and lonely but won’t be that way for long.

Lagniappe will be opening on Thursday, November 5.  Yes, that is correct ... in just a few days.  Next week on Thursday is the first day it’s open to the public!  You’ll want to be there the first day to take it all in.  The grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, December 5.

Shopping my booths at Joe’s Boots of Houma and Lagniappe in a Thibodaux will be a unique experience.  Almost everything I have is one of a kind.  You will rarely see repeats of something.  This means different merchandise at each store, but it will all be vintage, upcycled, well-loved, and ready to make your home its forever home.  It also means that when a one-of-a-kind piece sells, it's gone forever.  It's important to act fast!

If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to assist you by letting you know if I have what you’re looking for.  If you want to make an appointment for a consultation at one of my booths, I am also available for that as well.

I look forward to seeing you at Cynthia Welch Designs, now located in Joe’s Boots of Houma and Lagniappe Shoppe in Thibodaux.

Much love,

Cindy Welch

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Let’s Talk Silver and Silver Plate

Let’s Talk Silver and Silver Plate

First let me say I am not an expert, just a silver-plate collector.  I love looking for silver-plated pieces that have that beautiful patina.  The more patina the better in my book!  LOL  I wanted to have this discussion here, because for one thing, because it's a little longer than I usually make a post to my Facebook page.  Also, it has been a long time since I posted here, last summer!

There is a difference between silver and silver-plate.  One more has more value than the other.  Do you know which one has more value?  There are simple ways to tell the difference between the two also.  You can learn more here at this link:  https://antiquesilver.org/is-your-antique-silver-solid-or-plated/

Today I want to focus on how we can use silver plated items in our home.  I will include some visual ideas also in the form of photos and links.

So, what can we do with silver plated items?  There are a lot of ways to use it.  Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is using trays, bowls and flatware as serving pieces for family occasions and holidays.  However, it’s not limited to special occasions.

I have included 3 photos of how I use some silver-plated trays in my home.  In all three photos you will see I use the trays to anchor a vignette.  I have left the patina on each tray.  It is my opinion and preference that the patina adds more character to silver-plated pieces.  No two pieces will tarnish in exactly the same way.  Did you know there is a way to take a shiny piece of silver-plate and accelerate the tarnishing process?  YES!  Here are a couple of videos to show you how.

One photo is from my den where we use a trunk as a coffee table.  I love how the old trunk and the patina-bearing silver-plate is an amazing mix of textures and finishes.  It holds a painted metal cross, a compass and a candle.

Another photo is from my den.  The tray sits atop a wood cabinet that is painted dark.  I love the look of the painted wood and the silver-plated tray that is full of patina.  The tray holds a few things that add some texture and memories.  It holds a bag of cotton, a sea shell hand painted by a friend, a photo holder, and a decoupaged clay pot with a votive in it.

The last photo is from our living room and features a vintage wood side table that holds another silver-plated tray.  This tray holds a photo of our daughter from a few years ago, a genuine delft piece and a travertine coaster I made a few years ago.

You can group anything together on your trays.  If you use things you love and that hold good memories, it is certain to look good.  Decorating this way does not take an interior decorator’s degree.

You can take other pieces besides trays and do similar things.  I have a 4-tiered silver-plated display and storage piece that I will be using in my booth.  I will use it to display my dish scrubbies that are for sale.  In your home you could use a piece like this to display dish towels in your kitchen, soaps, and other grooming goodies in your bathroom, etc.

If you already are using silver-plated pieces in your home, post a photo and/or a comment to share your ideas with us.  I would love to see how you’re using it.

I have some silver-plated trays and a child’s cup in my booth at Joe’s Boots of Houma.  You may view them anytime during normal store hours.  I also have some pitchers and another child’s cup in my workshop, The Barn.  If you are interested in seeing the pitchers or the other cup, let me know.  You can text me at 985-381-3154 or DM me on Facebook at Cynthia Welch Designs (see link below).

I hope you'll like and follow my Facebook page found at the link below.  It is the best way to keep up with what is going on.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A lot of times I am afraid to try something new.   It's often fear of doing it wrong, messing up whatever I am doing, wasting time or money. I think you get the idea.  I wonder if I am the only one who experiences this?  Do you ever feel this way?
Well, one of my latest projects was actually a redo of a two tiered pie crust table.  My table is pictured below and shows what it looked like before I got started.
When I first worked on it, I painted it and used an aging wax on it and when it was finished and ... I just did not like it.at.all. So for a while it sat there, in all its dislike. vbg Finally I got out some products to strip it and got the stripping done. Then it sat there again for an eternity, naked.
Finally, maybe almost 2 weeks ago I got after the table again. I sanded, painted 3 coats (white over a dark wood), and sealed it (2 coats). Next morning after the sealer, I went out to view it in all it's glory. NOT. It was not what I expected at all.

The table was not a beautiful white with a matte finish as I expected. What I failed to take into account was tannin! If you don't know about tannin, it's a naturally occurring substance in wood. As far as I know there is nothing you can do to rid the piece of it. You have to learn some tricks to account for the tannin.

Some woods are worse than others, usually those with a red base to the wood like cherry and mahogany. Tannin usually is not a problem when the table is left as is, with a stain and sealer on it. It becomes a problem on painted and sealed furniture that is not sealed first.

Guess what I failed to do? I failed to even think about priming the table first. So all my work was a waste ... at least in most eyes and especially in my eyes.

For me it was a painful reminder to take into account what wood I am using. Do you think I'll let this issue slip by me again? Not if I can help it! I will do more investigation of the piece and type of wood before I begin a furniture redo/upcycle that is wood. And if I am in doubt about the type of wood, I'll err on the safe side and seal it just to be safe. Yes,it will take more time, an extra step, and one more product. But if it makes a better finished piece for my customers, it will be worth it.

So here are some photos of the finished piecrust table. Approximate dimensions ...
About 28" tall & about 22.5" across on the lower tier 

I would love to hear about what seemed like a failure but turned out for the better. If you have something you'd like to share, please leave it in the comments.

God bless,

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Crunch Time

Good afternoon on this beautiful Saturday afternoon!  I hope you and your family are well this wonderful weekend.  School is kicking off in several places this week but there is more to life than school, right?!  It may be back to school season but it's also Crunch Time for those who do art, craft, and vintage shows!

Image result for vintage market days

I have done art/craft/vintage/upcycle shows for several years now.  It goes without saying that the fall and spring seasons are fun because I get to meet so many great people, artists, crafters, upcyclers, pickers, and yes .... the customers as well.  As fun as it is to meet new people, it is a lot of work to get ready for the season and to be on the road.  I always have the home front covered so I don't have to worry about it.  That allows me to look ahead with anticipation at the next thing.

This year is different because this is the first time I take my stuff on the road while having a permanent booth at The Painted Pelican in Covington, LA.  I must keep enough ahead with pieces that I have enough to fill my10'x20' booth on the road as well as my booth at the shop.  It is definitely going to be a balancing act!

I hope you'll check out The Painted Pelican.  They are open the first and third weekends of each month.  They also host special events during the year.  This place is awesome and I already love it there, though I have there just a short time.  On August 17-19, 2018, there will be a celebration to commemorate the first anniversary of the store.  On Saturday there will be much celebrating including the owners, the vendors, and the customers.  Check them out at their website and Facebook page....

Image result for fall craft show season
Fall is on it's way!

As the fall show season draws closer there is much to do.  It can be quite daunting to stay organized and get all the work done this time of year as I prepare for the upcoming season.  Here are a few of the things on the agenda:
  •  Goin’ pickin'---Pickin’ is when someone like me goes looking for things to repurpose upcycle, sand/paint, or just clean it up really well.  Sometimes it can be a daunting task to go picking.  It can be the luck of the draw whether anything is found that can still be repurposed or upcycled.

  • Cleaning up & sanding, distressing and painting the picked goodies.  Most of the time I know it’s going to take work to get a piece in shape.  Some take more than others.  The ones I like are the ones that just need a good washing and drying like some of the glass pieces I have found.

  •   Getting photos of everything.  My biggest issue is remembering to get “before” photos. Also, if the item will go on my website, I must write a good description and get measurements for it.
  •  Then it’s time to pack!  Whether an acquisition is gong on the road to a show or to The Painted Pelican, it’s got to be packed and loaded up.

This morning was a good morning on all fronts.  Dh and I got out in the garage before it got too hot and got some boards cut.  These boards were left over from other jobs around the house.  He cut them to length for me for various projects I will do with them.  Hmmm.  I wonder what they'll turn into?  🤔  As they are done, I'll post pics.

Rest assured, whatever these boards turn into ... they will be at either The Painted Pelican or with me on the road at my fall vintage/upcycle shows including Vintage Market Days (Mobile, AL / Brandon, MS / Amite, LA) and Market at the Mill (New Roads, LA)

The other bonus this morning is that a neighbor had a double bed headboard to get rid of, they no longer had a need for it.  Dh first found out about it.  I went over and looked at it.  It is perfect for turning into a bench!  Yay!  We acquired this headboard right then and there!

Also, our neighbors had some great kitchen cabinet doors, 3 of them, they no longer need.  These doors are quality …. Each door is solid oak with a decorative glass insert.  I have a project in mind for them as well.

I have a new palm sander, thanks to my dear dh!  It is the kind with the bag on the back end.  It is one I can use indoors since most of the dust will be caught in the bag.  Doing the happy dance!

Well, it’s time to get to the real work.  I have plenty to sand and I want to try out my sander this afternoon.

Have a great weekend!  Let me know what is going on this weekend for you!  I'd love to hear back from you!

God bless,

Friday, May 11, 2018

Decorating on a Shoestring Budget

It seems like the topic of decorating can hit a nerve with people.  Some love it, some hate the thought.  Most of the time there is one more thought right after the love/hate thing … decorating is too expensive!  I’d like to take this newsletter to talk about decorating on a shoestring budget.

First let’s look at what a shoestring budget is.  From Investopedia we find this definition …
A slang term used to describe a small amount of money that is considered to be inadequate for its intended purpose. A shoestring can be used in a number of idioms, such as: "The company financed that last project on a shoestring," or "Jim is living off of a shoestring budget."

BREAKING DOWN 'Shoestring'
Although a shoestring budget is considered inadequate, it may just be enough for an individual to live on or for a company to profit from a project. For companies, a particular project's return on investment would be much greater, due to the lower initial cost.

You can read more here.

Most of us do not have unlimited funds so let’s look at ways to get the most from what we do have when it comes to decorating.  There are many styles of decorating.  We won’t look at one particular style but how we can pull off our style no matter what it is.

If you are not sure what your style is, look at Pinterest or Instagram for ideas.  When you find a photo you love, save it to your Pinterest/IG and go back to it later.  I believe you’ll end of finding your style when you have several photos saved.

So, what can we do to save money and still have our home look stylish?  Here are 4 ways to decorate on a budget.

1) Clearance Sales
       When I go to a store like Hobby Lobby or Kirkland’s, the first place I look is the clearance section.  Often at Hobby Lobby in our town, the home décor clearance aisle has items that are the “last one” or it may have a slight defect.  Sometimes it has a chip or a scratch.  Sometimes, I have found something I loved that took little (or no) effort to make it work.  I once found a lamp that was about 90% off the original price because it was missing something like a small clamp.  I bought it for less than $10.00, maybe as little as $7.00, and my husband got it fixed for just a dollar or two in no time!  It has worked fine ever since and looks great!  You do have to inspect the items carefully to be sure there is not a defect in it that would inhibit you from using it as you wish or that could cause harm when handling the item.  Sometimes the defect may be a small scratch or rubbed area.  This can be covered up sometimes with paint.

      In the crafting section at Hobby Lobby I found out some interesting information, at least in their store in our town.  If they have an overstock situation on certain items, then the overstock of that item gets marked down to a clearance price.  A young lady that worked the paper crafting area once pointed out some items on clearance that she knew I often bought and said they were considered overstock.  There was nothing wrong with them and of course I snatched up the reduced items right away!  These reduced items in the craft section can help us better afford what we need to decorate a piece for a room.

2) Thrift Stores & Flea Markets
I love going to thrift stores and flea markets!  I am amazed at what I can find in thrift stores each time I visit them.  As they say, one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure!  Often the prices are low and very affordable and many of the goods are one of a kind.  If I see something in a booth at a thrift store over the course many weeks and it’s still hanging around, I’ll make an offer.  Obviously, it has not sold for some reason.  It is taking up space that could be used to display something else the seller may have at home or in storage.  If it’s not marked “firm” on the price tag, I feel free to make an offer.  Sometimes the offer is accepted and sometimes it’s not.  It is business, not personal, so don’t let it hurt your feelings if your offer is not accepted.  Since stock turns over often at successful stores, it pays to go often and see what “new” items have come in.

3) Auctions
We had a long running auction at one time our town.  Auctions, in one way, are like thrift stores.  The offerings change from one auction to the next.  It’s never the same stuff twice in a row.
When my family moved to our current home we used the auction to find furniture and decorative items like curio cabinets, paintings, furniture and so on.  We attended each week’s auction over a period of months till we felt we had all we needed to fill our formerly sparse rooms.

Over the months we attended the auction we bought 2 all wood and glass curio cabinets.  One is an art deco style and the other a rustic, more primitive style. 
We also bought several solid wood side-tables.  They were all 2-tiered tables with an upper and lower tier and stained, not painted.

We also bought a solid wood antique art deco style dresser for the amazing winning bid of only $80.00!  It is truly unique, and I have not seen one like it anywhere else, either in person, online or in any thrift or antique stores.  This dresser is in our bedroom and has made an awesome storage piece that is quite a conversation piece as well. 

Also, we obtained a painting that was already framed in an all wood frame.  It is hanging in our dining area.

4) At the In-laws and the Outlaws
One time my husband, daughter and I were at my father-in-law’s home.  Somehow, we got to pulling stuff out from under a bed in an extra bedroom.  Under the bed we found an old framed print.  I fell in love with the print and the character of the whole piece.  I wanted it!  I asked my father-in-law what his plans were for the piece.  He said I could have it if I wanted it, all for free!  Yay!  This print now hangs in our living room.

      As our parents and grandparents age, many of them want to start downsizing and decluttering to make life easier for themselves.  This is an opportunity for them to share some of their treasures with the younger generations.  I am not saying to scavenge their home for good with a greedy or covetous spirit.  However, as these conversations come up, it could be the time to let your parents and grandparents know what things are special to you and why, so when the time comes for the piece to depart their home, maybe it will end up in your own.

Now that you have learned some ways to save money on decorating it is time to go to my website and look at the sale section!  All the items in my sale section are between 10% and 50% off.  Sale prices are noted on each item.  Click here for the sale section.

     Memory Frame

Happy decorating on a shoestring budget.  Visit my Facebook business page and share your ideas of decorating on a budget.  Click here to go to my biz page to share your ideas.

God bless,

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A New Era

Have you ever loved doing something then faced a situation where you could no longer do that fun thing?  I have been faced with that scenario the last few weeks and am hoping to resolve it one way or another.

When I first started my art business a few years ago I started with 4”x4” tumbled travertine coasters and 8”x8” tumbled travertine trivets.  I have many designs for each saved that I made over the years.  Some of the design themes are inspirational, sports, fleur de lis, holidays, monogram, and of course some that are hard to classify into one category.

For many years I obtained 4”x4” tiles from a local flooring store, Wrights.  They provided excellent customer service and quality products.  After being in business for about 30 years, Wright’s has closed their doors for the last time due to illness.  Just before they closed, I was able to place one last order for 2 cases of tiles.  They are such wonderful people it’s hard to see that “partnership” end.  I am hoping to see them around town.

I obtained the 8”x8” tiles from another local store until the tiles were no longer available, a few years ago.  Well, technically they are available but in sets with a variety of sizes in each set that I cannot use.  However, I recently found a stash at my home that I had put away for “safe keeping.”  They were put away so well that I had forgotten them for a long time!  I am so happy to have found them!  I have a couple of my trivets featured here and will be adding more to my website.

The situation now is that I am having difficulty finding even the 4”x4” at a price that keeps this line of products affordable.  My costs are tripled or almost tripled with the available locations from which I can purchase, or the tiles were not available for order from their warehouses.  I do not want to have to raise prices on my coasters nor face having to offer inferior products just to have this line of products in my offerings.

Considering what I have found I will offer my remaining coasters and when they are gone, they are gone, sadly.  My remaining coasters are first quality and something I would have in my own home.  If this were not the case, I would pull them from my website.  Rest assured, they make beautiful functional gifts for yourself, your family or your friends.

The upside to this situation is that it is moving me toward finding new and interesting handcrafted items to have in my shop.  Sometimes we face one door closing to find another door open.  So this is a new era at Cynthia Welch Designs.  I am proud of the coasters and trivets I have offered but look forward to new things to come!

This is where you, my friends, customers and subscribers come in.  I am looking for input from you!  See my questions for you below.

  • What unique, upcycled, hard-to-find, handcrafted items are you looking for?  The unique items you’re looking for may be for decorating your own home.  The handcrafted gifts for family or friends may be for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, a housewarming or retirement, a wedding gift or other occasion.
  • What is one thing you are looking for to complete a vignette in your home?  This “one thing” could be an accent piece or the main piece to get he vignette started.
  • What do you usually look for when purchasing a gift for the person who has everything?  When someone seemingly has everything, they are a challenge when it comes to gift-giving.  Do you look for practical and functional gifts or something they love but would never purchase for themselves?
  •  When you look gifts, what price range do you typically look for?  I ask this question no to be nosey!  vbg  I ask because I want to try to cover different price points in my online shop, if possible.
  • What comes first when looking for décor or gifts … form (beauty and attractiveness) or function?
Now I have 3 things for you to do.  Choose one or more to do right now!  Please share one of the following...
  1. This blog
  2. My coasters and trivets .... Click here to see my coaster selections.
    Click here to see my trivet selections.
  3. My business page and my group!  Click here to go to my Facebook business page.
    Click here to go to my Facebook group.
I hope you have a great day!

God bless,

Monday, September 25, 2017

3 Months and Counting

Good afternoon!

I just looked at the calendar on my computer and realized something big .... Christmas is 3 months from today!  Yikes!  Better get busy with Christmas gifts!  Be sure to read to the end about a wish list and layaway opportunity.

The painted pieces in my shop are all one of a kind pieces.  Sooooo, this means when they are gone, they are gone.  Even if I found the exact same piece to paint again, it won't look the same as the previous one.  It is very hard to duplicate a piece for a few reasons.  I don’t always remember what I’ve done to a piece to get the look.  I don’t usually keep records of it either.  I suppose I should keep records for those occasional pieces I could attempt to duplicate like mason jars and so on.

Now when it comes to the designs on my tumbled travertine coasters, I can duplicate those with no trouble.  Same goes for my cup holder (car) coasters.  If you see something you like and want to change a color or two, we can discuss that option.

Some of the popular options for gifting coasters are my monogram designs.  This design is great for the person who has everything.  I can change the color of the design but most people go with black.  It is hard to match someone’s décor without a swatch, which is what I’d need to get as close as possible to their color scheme.  A good second choice for color is Timber Brown, which is a dark brown similar to chocolate ice cream.

Other popular designs include sports-themed coasters for LSU and the Saints.  I also have fleur de lis coasters with no reference to football and no wording on them.  This keeps them neutral enough that almost anyone will enjoy them.  If you or your recipient favor inspirational or religious themes, I have coasters with inspirational phrases and scriptures on them as well.

Even at this date in September, we must remember to allow time for processing orders and shipping.  I ship via Priority Mail through the USPS for most items, including any of my coasters.  The USPS has three holidays between now and the end of November than can impact shipping.  They are observed as Federal Holidays follows:

Monday, October 9--Columbus Day
Friday, November 10--Veterans Day
Thursday, November 23--Thanksgiving

If you are local to my area and want to avoid shipping charges, please contact me prior to ordering and I’ll contact you about free local pick up.  I live in Houma, LA and have an arrangement for pick up at a local retail business during normal business hours.  This provides safety for you, the customer, and myself.

Christmas Wish List
I would love to help you with your Christmas gift purchases.  I will even work with you to make up a Christmas Wish List of items you’d like to receive for you to give your family members.  Remember spending time looking at the Wish Books as kids?  I know my brother and I could generate quite a list from those Sear’s Wish Books.  This list would be from items currently available in my online shop.  Remember, some pieces are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated so it’s important to list more than one item.  There is no charge for this service.

Check out my website by clicking here.

Layaway Service
I also offer layaway.  Here is how it works.  Choose the item you want to put on layaway and ….
Date of Layaway:  50% or more due to hold it
November 1-10:  ½ of Balance Due
December 1-10:  Balance Due and pick up layaway

Accepted Forms of Payment
·         All major credit or debit cards
Payments with credit/debit cards may be taken over the phone.
·         Cash

I hope you’ll consider shopping with me for your Christmas gifts.  Please share this post so others can shop smart:  shop small, shop local.

God bless!