Friday, October 11, 2013

Ambitious Goals & Pre-orders

Hi Everyone,

This is my last weekend before a string of fall craft shows start up next weekend.
I so need to get more coasters and trivets done and have decided to do just that. :)

I am setting 2 goals, an immediate one for this weekend and one to complete by Wednesday. Here they are ...
1) For this weekend I am setting an ambitious goal of 56 sets of coasters. My goal is to have them done by Sunday evening.
2) By Wednesday evening I have a goal of 12 trivets. I will be making up several of the following trivet for the craft shows that are coming up. (Last weekend I did 37 sets.)

This is by far the most ambitious goals I have set. Meeting these goals may actually generate so much heat from my work table that it spontaneously combusts! LOL I will let you know if it goes up in flames, and take pictures of it if I can! If I get them done I will definitely do a happy dance. I will report in each evening how close I am to meeting my goal. Check back each day to see how close I am.

I am taking pre-orders of any of my coasters and trivets for pick up at any of the upcoming shows. Remember, I can customize colors and put your monogram on many of my designs. Please feel free to call me or email me about your pre-orders and to arrange pick up at a show.

Toodles for now,

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