Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Little Storm & A Big Challenge

You know, down here in south Louisiana we never let a little storm keep us from doing what we really want to do--or need to do. That is the case this weekend. We have had a little tropical storm, Karen, hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico. It has really become a non-storm. At our home we got a short rain storm ealier but but now we have some clouds and sun. Whether we had rain, wind, or nothing, I planned a weekend of making some coasters. Fortunately this is something I can do rain, shine, wind, or stillness. :D

I have some craft shows starting up in a couple of weeks and I need to add to my stock. This morning I worked specifically on some monograms. I've done 9 sets done, 2 each of S, T, N and R and one of P. It has a watermark script on the background with the monogram and a flourish in the corner. The color can be changed at your request. Here it is shown on black. I have doen this in a dark brown, about the color of Dutch chocolate ice cream and it looks very good. This style of monogram is simply elegant and will make an excellent gift for yourself or others for Christmas, a housewarming, anniversay, birthday, wedding, etc. Look below the photos for my challenge for the rest of the day! :D

So with nine sets behind me, I have a goal to make 11 more sets today. That will be a big challenge but I am going to work hard to get it done. Check in on my facebook page to see updates later on what I've gotten done.

Toodles for now,

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