Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You are Always on My Mind

Hi Everyone,

Hum, from my title it seems I have Willie Nelson on my mind. Good ol' Willie. Gotta love him. No, I am not writing about Willie Nelson today. Sorry if that disappoints you!

I am so excited to be writing to you today. I am taking a break from some creating this morning and writing to you to just share a few things on my mind. I just love creating coasters and trivets and getting my hands dirty. Those who have read my previous posts know that already. I think I love it so much because I didn't really like getting dirty as a kid, even as a young adult, and now I am making up for lost time! LOL Anyone else out there like that? Now, I still don't like getting sweaty but dirty hands are okay.

First, I want to tell you that YOU, my family, friends, and customers are always on my mind. If I am not talking to you, I am thinking about talking to you, meeting up somewhere or making something for you. I love people and getting meet you and to know you.

It seems the fall craft season is winding down, I have one more on Saturday in Baton Rouge and you can read more about that at my fb page at If you are in that area I hope you'll come out and meet us. If you know someone in the area, give 'em a little nudge to come out and meet everyone. There is supposed to be some great food out that day.

Although the fall craft season is winding down, and I am truly sad about that, I do look forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas. And we know Who Christmas is all about, right? And His initial are not SC. It's all about Jesus our Savior. Part of the reason we share gifts at Christmas is based on the fact that 3 wise men brought gifts to Jesus. Also Jesus gave the greatest gift of all, His life, on the cross. Fortunately He did not stay in the grave but rose again to live for all eternity.

In our home when we decorate for Christmas we have several nativity sets to decorate with. Most are on the smaller side and can even fit on a mantle or shelf. I guess you could say it is one of our traditions. I will be writing another blog on Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions we have so be looking for that in a day or two.

Now we have a new way to decorate with a nativity. I have a nativity coaster set. Here is a photo of it in tumbled marble ....

If you like to decorate with nativity sets I hope you'll consider a set of coasters with this design on them. It is pictured on tumbled marble in stone gray but can be done on tumbled travertine and it would look good in black as well.

Remember that all Christmas orders are due by Tuesday, December 10. You can view my work at

Those from the Houma, Thibodaux, and Morgan City area can contact me about ordering and local pick up. (If you order directly on my site, you will pay shipping.) Contact me first before ordering to get local prices and no shipping ... 985-381-3154 or

Toodles for now,

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