Monday, November 4, 2013

Recuperate and Replenish

Hi Friends,

You know, I love what I am doing. It is the right mix--for me--of working alone at home in my studio and working with the public, getting to see friends I’ve known a long time and meeting new friends at craft fairs, festivals, and so on. I get just enough alone time and just the right amount of “group” time. LOL I hope you can find that right balance in your work and leisure time.

I have recuperated from Southdown and have started regrouping for Thibodeauxville. I went to church Sunday and must admit that I spent time watching my favorite football team, the New Orleans Saints, lose yesterday in such an awful way. That took up part of my day. I spent time on facebook and online updating some things. I also got 2 special orders done that were placed at Southdown. Now is time to move on to the next event. The Saints give themselves 24 hours to reflect on a game and I have done the same. Now it’s time to get moving!

Today I spent time getting supplies and organizing the coasters that are left. Our daughter, who is a huge help with our coaster business had a great idea to get better organized. This idea meant reboxing some items so I have had to unbox and lay out a good bit of them. However, the idea she had will make unpacking and repacking at events much easier. I am excited to give her idea a try at a big event like Thibodeauxville. I want to see if it helps us repack faster to get home a little sooner.

Right now I not only making use of the dining table and an extra 6 foot table to work between shows. I also have a 2nd six foot table in the den. Hopefully by this time tomorrow the table in the den will be put away.

I plan on replenishing my stock tomorrow and Wednesday, if needed. It is a fun thing to get my hands dirty and work on coasters and trivets. I will get new designs posted this week at my website. I hope you’ll check out my website at and keep up with updates at

I sold two of this design yesterday in tumbled marble ....

Toodles for now,

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