Monday, July 29, 2013

A Little Like Charlie Brown

As I begin writing this I am definately and absolutely trying to get over my frustration over the internet connection problems we've been having the last few days. It seems everytime I've tried to do updates to my website we have lost our internet connection. So guess what, I am feeling a little lost! My website, blog, email ... they all depend on a connection. I can't do updates without it! I have begun to feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football away at the last moment. LOL Many of you, I am sure, remember reading Charlie Brown comic strips (by Charles Shultz) in the Sunday Paper. When he and his friends played football, inevitably Lucy held the football for Charlie to kick. He would attempt to kick it and wham! At the last second she would pull the football away and he would feel the agony of defeat. Charlie Brown also was awesome on TV.
To see Charle and Lucy in action, follow ths link ...

That is what has happeend with uploading products to my website. I would be in the middle of adding info to a product to get it uploaded and it wouldn't go through. I'd look down at the little internet connection indicator, and WHAM ... lost it again! For the moment I have internet and will do what I can to get more products uploaded.

My hands are itching to get something new designed and I have just the thing to try today. I got a new product in that I want to try that would look awesome on a trivet. I am not sure what I’ll put with it on the trivet but I’ll post a photo here when it’s done.

I hope you’ll check back often to see what is new at the storefront. If there is a design you’d like to see, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to try a hand at what you want.

I have over 20 colors to choose from for designs. If you like a design but want it in another color, let me know. I am working on getting a page up on my website to show the available colors. I will post a link to that page here on my blog when it’s up and running.
I feel like my time is short here with the internet connection so I'll go for now. Keep checking back for updates.

Toodles for now,

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