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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you fire or bake the coasters and trivets?

Our coasters and trivets do not need to be baked or fired. The coasters and trivets start out as tiles and have already been through a firing process. The materials we use to apply color to coasters and trivets are waterfast. Since these materials are waterfast, it does not require baking or firing either. Your design will remain even if water spills on your coasters or trivets.

2. Will my design smudge or run if the coaster/trivet gets wet?

The short answer is "no". I use several different materials to apply color to coasters and trivets. They are water-fast. Water-fast means it is resistant to the effects caused by water; not changed or faded by the action of water. However, if you experience an issue with your design fading or bleeding due to contact with water, please contact me.

3. What do you use to make the coasters and trivets?

At Custom Coasters by Cindy we use only a few materials to make our beautiful designs. For coasters, you choose which stone you want, travertine or marble. Travertine coasters comes in two colors: ivory and scabos. Travertine will be pitted, dimpled and distressed . Marble comes in ivory only and will have a smoother finish with slight veining. All coasters are 4"x4". Trivets come in 8"x8" tumbled ivory travertine only.

4. Can I use the trivet for a cheese board (or to display/serve other food)?

The materials we use on the surface for color are not food safe (according to the manufacturers) so it is not recommend to use trivets as a food surface. Trivets are, however, excellent for protecting surfaces from hot pots/dishes and as decorative items.

5. Do you seal the coasters/trivets?

No, I do not seal either one. The materials we use on them do not require sealing.

Coasters will lose their absorbency if they are sealed. Then, as iced drinks condensate, the water will run off the coaster onto your furniture. This defeats the purpose of the coasters. This is much less important for trivets that are used for hot pots and casseroles. If you want your trivet sealed, please contact me before ordering. There is a small charge for sealing. Please ask for current fee.

6. Will the coasters or trivets scratch or otherwise damage my furniture and countertops?

We place four (4) felt pads on the bottom of all coasters to protect your furniture. Orders for trivets will include 4 rubber feet for you to place on your trivet. Some people will use their trivet only for display purposes in a plate hanger, plate rack, etc. When displayed in this way, use the rubber feet at your discretion.

7. What if I want a design using different colors?

You are welcome to call or email me with your order. We can discuss customizing the colors to your decor or that of the recipient, if it is a gift. You may make changes in color at no extra charge.

8. What if I want to combine elements of two different coasters, or create my design own design?

You are welcome to call or email and we can discuss a custom design. Typically there is no extra charge for creating your own design if I have the elements needed to make the design. If an extra charge will apply, you will be notified up front before you are asked for any payment.

9. Can I get my company or organization logo on coasters or trivets?

Yes. If you want to use your company or organization logo, there will be a one time set up fee, plus the usual cost of the coasters or trivets. There are no minimums. However, there is a longer lead time for logos. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for company or organization logos on either coasters or trivets.

10. How do I clean my coasters and trivets? Are they dishwasher safe?

Coasters and trivets should be wiped down with a clean, damp cloth. It is okay to let them air dry afterwards. However, they are not dishwasher safe. Household cleaners are not recommended.

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