Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What People Want

Random Thoughts

I have realized recently that it has been a long time since I have blogged.  I am itching to get back to it so here is my first effort, hoping it can hold the average person’s attention to the end.  <smile>

Family/Community Report
Our family has had a nice spring, summer, and fall.  We have spent time around the house, working, and just taking care of projects that need attention.  It is always a good hurricane season when we get through it without any storms.  Hurricane season runs from June 1-November 30.  August and September are typically the busiest months.  We were blessed when we don’t have to deal with a storm.

The economy here is taking a hit so that has a lot of people losing jobs and facing unemployment lines.  It is affecting business owners in many ways.  They are dealing with fewer sales, less income, possibly having to lay off employees, and so on.  Business owners that truly care about their employees really hate the idea of having to lay off someone.  They have often become like family so it’s even harder.  Please pray for south Louisiana as we get through these rough times.  As usual, the tough economic times have hit us a little later than most of the country so we have begun to feel the pressure the last few months.

My dad had surgery and I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with him while he recuperated.  We were able to spend quantity and quality time together.  As my dad gets older, it is more and more important to me to do just that.

Our daughter had a procedure this fall.  It did not go as expected and we all were very disappointed.  Now we have to back up and punt.  We know God has it under control but looking at it from this side is still hard.  We are unsure what the future holds and I think that is the most upsetting part.  We are looking to the future with the doctors and God to see what we should do next.

Craft Show Report
Last calendar year we did 12 shows, evenly split between the spring and the fall.  This year we applied to fewer shows.  Six show organizers sent out acceptance letters to us.  One show put us on the wait list.  As it turns out it was for the best we did not make the first cut in that one show that put us on the wait list.  It turns out I was caring for my dad during that time.  Our shows were evenly split between the spring and the fall.  I did have to cancel one show due to health matters in the family.

The 2 shows we did this fall ended up being rain outs.  The first show was a 2 day show at Poche Plantation.  The weather was rainy and it all started on Saturday, and it was predicted for Sunday as well with flash floods predicted in some places. 
Our other fall show was at Southdown Marketplace at Southdown Museum and Plantation.  This one day show was a rain out as well.  It was the worst attendance we have seen at Southdown.  But … we got to meet some new art friends and see some old ones as well.  So it was not a total loss! <vbg>

We have one craft show friend from the road that we have not seen since the spring.  She still does shows but we are just not at the same ones.  We keep in touch on the phone and on Facebook and can pick up where we left off the last time.  Everyone needs at least one friend like that, don’t you think? 
We are looking at the spring but are making only tentative plans.  We want to do shows but we also know that we need to plan our daughter’s care, which may involve some medical things this spring.

2nd Annual Trunk Sale
I just completed my 2nd Annual Trunk Sale on Tuesday, December 1.  Despite the lagging economy, I think I did pretty well.  This year’s sale was not quite as good as last year but better than expected.  My plan is to continue my Annual Trunk Sale and help people have a calm, stress free shopping experience where they can purchase handmade quality items.

What I am Learning ... People Want to Know Someone Cares
“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  I have seen this oft-repeated quote attributed to John Maxwell, Teddy Roosevelt and the ever famous, Anonymous.  I suppose it does not matter who first said or wrote this quote, it is still true.  Whether people admit it or not, they want to know someone cares.  I find this is true in personal and work relationships.
I remember from that old TV series, Cheers, the theme song referred to “everyone knows your name.”  While I think bars are a pretty lousy place to try to build real relationships, the theme song lyrics were pretty spot on.  Everyone wants to be known by someone, we want to know someone cares.

I am reminded of this sentiment, which is also truth, during this Christmas season.  We are all making plans for Christmas parties, caroling, charitable events, and so on.  Are making plans to get to know someone new on a personal level?  Are we trying to make REAL connections?  Are our interactions only on the superficial level?  It is super easy to feel involved when we quickly drop coins in a red bucket or make a quick drop off to a food bank that is already on our way.  We make a mad dash in and out, and then we are quick to forget about a personal interaction or trying to build a relationship.

I, for one, am feeling the pull to get involved more with people.  I want to spend more time getting to know the people already in my life but also bring in a few more.  KWIM?  Maybe it’s my age but I am wanting to go past the superficial level of conversation.  I want more than the typical, “Hi, how are you?” We often say that in passing, never giving time for real reflection or interaction between the “asker” and the “answerer”.  Do we really want to hear more than “I’m fine. How are you?”  Maybe it’s time we make time to hear the real, full answer.
This is the perfect time of year to not only tell someone we care but show it.  How about you?  How will you show someone you care this Christmas season?  Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section below.

God bless,

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