Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What People Want, Part 2

What People Want, Part 2

The Meat of the Matter

Last time I wrote here I wrote about how people want to know someone cares; they want to feel as though they belong.  I was reminded of that when I read a Facebook post at Girlfriends In God.  I was reminded that it’s not only true concerning our friends and extended family but those right under our own roof.  I believe it’s a need that is planted by God in our hearts so that we would seek Him out.  Want to read more about it?  Then follow this link to read more ….

That need for Jesus was the whole reason behind Christmas as well.  He didn’t come just so we would have a reason for giving each other gifts and to attend (or host) a multitude of parties.  Jesus came to extend that eternal hand of God down to man.  You can read more at


Putting it Into Practice

So if people really want to know they matter to others including their own family, how do we carry that out?  As I mentioned in my last post it’s about paying it forward.  I know some people will respond that they are so financially hindered right now that they cannot even pay attention.  Paying it forward is not about just spending money.  It is often more meaningful to pay attention to those around us.  It also does not mean that we have to pay it forward every minute of the day.  Just make it meaningful when you do it.

All too often, we pay attention to those around us at Christmas.  Then as the new year approaches our attention span gets short and our focus moves on to something else.  Here are some ideas to pay it forward year round and it doesn’t take much extra effort …..

Drive Thru Difference

LifeSongs Radio in New Orleans is promoting the Drive Thru Difference.  When you are in your favorite drive through, pay for the order in line behind you.  They have a printable you can download and print it for free.  You get to remain anonymous and get to pay it forward all in one easy step!  I have heard of people doing this and the “pay it forward” lasted for over 50 vehicles!  How awesome is that?!  Here is a link to learn more about it and get the printable.

Caroling Event

Why not invite some friends an evening of Christmas caroling or to a Christmas Eve service?  It is free, fun and blesses those who hear your caroling!  It is easy enough to get lyrics to songs online so that everyone can sing along.  Then everyone can go back to one of the caroler’s homes and have hot chocolate.  All the carolers can contribute to the hot chocolate social afterwards.

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