Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What It's All About

Hellloooo Fabulous Friends,

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. September is on the calendar, the official start to autumn is around the corner but it's still hot here in the south. A month from now I hope we are having some cooler days. I love opening the windows and letting in fresh air. I know, I know. That also lets in some dust. But hey, I love the fresh air more than I hate the dust. LOL

I wanted to share with you what I love about doing this craft thing, which is not so much a hobby as it is a blossoming business. What I love about it is family. It is about family in many ways but most of all it is about our family working together, each doing our own part in making something grow. It is about a common goal and purpose. Yes, each show we attend is its own affair or project that we have to commonly work on to make successful. But it's more than that. We work many hours to get there before an event ever happens ...
=> Events--this the part of internet searches looking for events we can possibly apply for
=> Applications/Scheduling--we have to apply to shows 6 or more months in advance. This is tricky when adding in cash flowing everything because we don't like the idea of debt anywhere in our life. Applications require booth fees and sometimes more like hotel rooms, etc.
=> Booth Layout--we just worked on and completed a new design for our booth, which meant looking for layout ideas, drapers, pipe, tables covers, etc. and it all had to be eye appealing, not only to us but to others
=> Product Pick-Up--pick up of raw product and other supplies. I usually do this because I have something specific in mind but also may send dd or dh.
=> Scrub a Dub Dub--cleaning our natural product, ie, tiles--dd does most of this
=> Pack It Up--packing our stuff so that we have as few bags and boxes as possible for our shows, dh is great at this! This means less trips to/from the truck.
=> Design/Application--this is where I come in. I look for inspiration online and then work out a design of my own and apply it.
=> Booth Set Up/Selling/Tear Down–we are all involved in this. It is what makes our day or weekend successful. We all have to pitch in to make it work.

To make our cottage industry work, it takes our family members each doing his or her own part. Of course dh ends up with a lot of the heavy work. He does not mind though. His philosophy is, “happy wife, happy life.” Of course I want him happy too. If he were unhappy, I would not ask him to help. We see this as a family project, and quite possibly could be something we continue to do into retirement. It is a team building effort and I believe our family is better for it.

In light of the family theme here is more on our featured product of the day ....

Featured Product of the Day

Today’s featured product of the day is this beautiful premium travertine trivet, “Family”. It features a script background, flourish and medallion. Of course, it reminds us what is most important, “Family”. The edges are burnished in a coordinating color. This trivet is finished off with a double ribbon. It is beautiful on an easel in almost any room ... on a mantel, dresser, or desk. I have this particular treasure on an easel on a built-in bookcase in my den.

Special Offer
Today only I am offering a special for those who order this trivet design. Our trivets normally sell for $25.00. However, for TODAY ONLY ... This trivet design (T-1001) is selling for $20.00. To receive this special price, call me at 985-381-3154 or email me at Easel not included. Shipping, if needed, is extra. Local pick up available. Offer ends at midnight 9/10/14.

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