Monday, January 27, 2014

Love is In the Air and the Air is Cold!

Hellllooo to Everyone!

I hope your winter is not too cold and that you have a warm corner to enjoy your favorite hot chocolate or hot tea. Our weather has been up and down, warm and cold, but this winter has been colder than most in the last few years. We are having winter weather advisories and we may get an ice storm ... all down here on the gulf coast in the USA. Wow! The air is cold and it makes it exciting but scary too, to think about getting out and about wi th all it can bring! Snow? Sleet? Ice? That are some of the predicitions, but we'll have to wait see if it actually happens.

The actual air may be cold but we have Valentine's Day coming soon to warm our hearts. We often think of our special someone around this time ... boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse--and we should. Valentine's is an awesome reminder of who we love and why. But it doesnt have to be just for boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses. You may have a special somone you can honor with a special phone call, gift, or flowers, a visit, lunch or dinner.

What I'd like to suggest for your special someone is a gift from Custom Coasters by Cindy. At Custom Coasters by Cindy you'll find a special creation for that special someone. You will find plenty to choose from--coasters, trivets and cards. Almost anything you see at the site can be customized in color and several can have a monogram added, all at no extra charge.

If you live locally (Houma, Thibodaux, and Morgan City, LA) you may place an order through Monday, February 10. If you live out of our area you may place your order through Friday, February 7, to have it for Valentine's Day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 985-381-3154.


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